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    LIRA 2

    LIRA 2 Projects



    Blow Moulding Machine

    Bechare Yared

    Pierre Nehmetallah

    Ayad Maalouf

    Eng.Tanious Gemayel

    The Lebanese University
    Poinçonneuse Perceuse Combinataire à 3 bitêtes chercheuses dans l’espace tridimentionel Dr. Antoine El- Dairi The Lebanese University
    Electrical and Electronics

    Dies Former Georges FaresMilad Fares The Lebanese University
    Software Design of 32 bit Risc Processor Tarek Darwiche

    Wassim Najjar

    Fouad Jam

    Mazen Bazbatchi
    University of Balamand



    Hot water production by means of a heat pump accompanied by a dehydrator UL
    Universal Converter of Electrical energy ac-dc with a modular structure UL
    Cylindrical Robot UL
    Video Tracker Command by MP UL
    Blow Molding Machine BMM UL
    Domestic Control System UL
    Rewinder UL
    Date acquisition from ameteorological Station UOB
    Design of a 32 – bit Risc Processor UOB
    Power Wheelchair Design UOB
    Automatization of the Technique of the desposit of thin films by spraying UL
    Industrial Interfacing Instrument BAU
    Design and adjustment of a process in fine Chemistry UL
    Electronic Billboard NDU
    ICE Cubes Machine UL
    Electrical Infra-red oven UL
    Shirink Warpper Machine UL
    Emission of Cables UL
    Multilayer Heat Shrink Wrap Machine UL
    Asynchronous Speed Control UL
    Remote Surveillance and Control UL
    Advanced Signal Processing of the UL
    Electrocardiogram ECG signal UL
    Vital Signs Monitoring Central Station UL
    Interactive Interface on the Web UL
    Spreading of Web Pages on a Paging Network UL
    A Machine for Pouring Soap UL
    Core Boring Machine UL
    Transformers Sheets Stacker UL
    Dies Former UL
    A Decision Support and Navigational GIS Tool LAU
    Automatic Reverse Engineering Extraction of ERCT from Relational Databases LAU
    Information Technology Solutions in Services and in Industry UL
    Low Cost Solar Concentrator and Tracker AUB
    Poinçonneuse – Perceuse Combinatoire à 3 Bitêtes chercheuses dans l’espace tridimentionel UL
    Pick and Place Packer UL
    Surface Treatment ETS
    An Intelligent GIS interactive Hypermap Tool for Lebanese Tourism LAU
    Dynamic Design Cable Manipulator AUB
    Urban Plan of Zahle and Building of a Geographical Database UL
    Probabilistic Power Production Simulation with an Environmental Emissions Model AUB
    Ogero’s Billing System Inquiry through the Internet UL
    Implementation d’une aquistion de données en mode DMA sous Win 95 UL
    Creation d’un site internet evolué UL
    Computer Controlled Mobile BAU
    Study and realisation of an acquisition cart of analogic signals UL
    Universal Testing Machine Lama Eng.(Private)
    Cedra Vaccu Cedra Screens (Private)
    Visuatization Software AUB
    Waterjet cutting Machine SNIC (Private)