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    LIRA 3

    LIRA 3 Projects

    Export Prize

    Universal Error Calculator for Instrumentation

    Ola Iyaso
    Emile Azar
    Etien Khayat

    American University of Beirut
    Patents Copyrights Thermec Dr. Khalil Khoury The Lebanese University
    Software Robot Vision System Sami Badawi
    Nassouh Chehade
    University of Balamand
    Mapping and Signal Processing of the EEG Gaby Marad
    Joseph Tayeh
    Dany Choufani
    The Lebanese University
    Zebra Robot Tracking System Malek Atriss
    Mohamad Baalbaki Ziad Khawan
    American University of Beirut
    YL-02 Universal Testing Machine Lama Engineering (Private)
    Cups Counter Antoine Shawbish
    Sharbel Rouhana
    Ziad Nahas
    The Lebanese University
    Cans Filler Elie Abdallah
    Roger Boustani
    Roland Khoury
    The Lebanese University
    Electrical and Electronics
    Micro – Controlled Back-ups UPS Nabil Hasan
    Samer El-Haje
    American University of Beirut
    Cedra Ged 7*2 Eng. Rizkallah Gemayel (Private)
    Maquette de Perçage des Circuits Imprimés Diaa Azam The Lebanese University
    Karting Car Maher Abdallah
    Hasan Haidar
    Mohamad Rajeh
    Arab University of Beirut


    Control of Production Line by a PLC Network UL
    Radar Signals and Remote Sensing UL
    Transmission et Traitement du Signal Sismique UL
    Mapping and Signal Processing of the EEG UL
    ACS Alarm and Control System UL
    Mac – Sim UL
    Consoref UL
    Simulations Programs for Thermal Systems UL
    Design and Implementation of the Web Site of the Faculty, and its Database Concerning the Students Affairs Department and the Students Activities UL
    Face Detection and Recognition AUB
    Geographic Information System for Air Pollution Forecast (GISAP) AUB
    Universal Error Calculator for Instrumentation AUB
    Distance Education / A Virtual University on the Internet AUB
    Firewall Chip AUB
    Zebra Robot Tracking System AUB
    Network Security Using Public Key Crypotography UOB
    Licence Plate Image- Based Recognition System UOB
    Robot Vision System UOB
    Cyber Control UOB
    Arabic Character Recognition UOB
    Arabic Speech Recognition UOB
    Handwritten Character Recognition Using Fuzzy Logic UOB
    Load Controller Using the 220V for Data Transmission UL
    Numerical Phone - ISDN System UL
    Tracking of a Moving Object on the Computer UL
    Micro - Controller Based Electrical Board UL
    A Universal Structure for an Electrical Converter UL
    Profilomètre à Fibre Optique UL
    Maquette de perçage des Circuits Imprimés UL
    Programmateur d’EPROM par interface parallèle UL
    Mini Carte autoprogrammable 68 HC11. Application ascenseur UL
    Identity Verificator for Access Control UL
    Design and Control of Renewable Energy System AUB
    Micro-Controlled Backup - UPS AUB
    Telephone Control UOB
    General Purpose Security Lock UOB
    Electronic Messager UOB
    VAKR Inverter (Private) SES Electronics
    Paper Roll Stand UL
    Motion Camera Control” UL
    Factory Raising Production Rate UL
    Mise an Point d’une Machine pour la Production de Papiers UL
    Bag Welder UL
    Weigher and Packer UL
    Bread Oven UL
    Pine machine UL
    Findie Machine UL
    Scan Engraver UL
    Stretch Wrapper UL
    Cups Packer UL
    Cups Counter UL
    Systeme de Controle microprogrammé pour ascenseurs UL
    Control of a DC Motor Using a Micro-Controller UL
    Coloring Tables Packaging Machine UL
    Computer Aided Manufacturing AUB
    Computerized Robot AUB
    A Mesh Forming Machine AUB
    Tube Bending Machine AUB
    All Terrain Vehicle AUB
    Electrical Generation Via Vertical Axis Wind Turbine UOB
    XYZ Robot Trainer UOB
    Rod Forming Machine BAU
    Modified Modeling of a Karting Car BAU
    Fully Automated Plasma Cutter IRI
    Basketball Thrower NDU
    PC- Integrated Quality Assurance (Private) Lama Eng.
    Reheat Furnace PC Based Monitoring and Control System (Private) Lama Eng.
    YL – 02 Universal Testing Machine (UTM) (Private) Lama Eng.
    Toilet Over-Wrapper (Private) Phoenix Machinery
    Les Chenilles des systèmes qui grimpent par Sauts UL
    Cans Filler UL
    CNC Tri – axial Mill (Private) IAMCO
    Cedra Ged. 7*2 (Private) Rizkallah Gemayel
    Induction Heating & Melting (Private ) Nassouh Jaber
    Digital Voltmeter Displaying Over-Voltage/Under-Voltage Refrigerator Protector (Private) Nassouh Jaber
    12 V DC Battery Operated High Voltage Transformer Ballast Driver Built in a Disposable Energy Saving Fluorescent Lamp Holder (Private) Jaber/Atwe
    Adjustable Steel Framework for Concrete Round Walls (Private) Zaidan House
    Insulite Bocks (Private) Abdul - Baki