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    LIRA 5

    LIRA 5 Projects

    Software and Communication Voice XML Editor Dona Abou Younes The Lebanese University
    Optimization des murs refends OMR Jimmy Chalhoub
    Georges Bou Chahya
    The Lebanese University
    Optimisation of a Mat Foundation Design – OptiMat Gaby Fares Carlos Yazbek The Lebanese University
    Electrical and Electronics Digitizing an Analog CNC Lathe Machine Ziad Haddad
    Rabih Mahfouz
    Wael Abou Merhi
    The Lebanese University
    CNC Milling Machine Francois Faraj The Lebanese University
    Sami Chalhoub
    20 KW Induction Heating Generator Eng. Nassouh Jaber Private Project
    Mechanical Optical Profilometer Elie Khoury The Lebanese University
    Others Sp-Light Flame Photometer Khodor Dayekh
    Abdallah Kassem
    Islamic University of Lebanon
    Porte - Revues Carine Chahine St Esprit Kaslik University
    Panel for Exhibition Josette Hojeily St. Esprit Kaslik University
    Best Projects Cell Station Wael El- Ghoraib
    Khaled Abou Mosleh
    Nader El- Aridi
    American University of Beirut
    ECG Simulator Ahmad Sleiman
    Ali Jawhar
    Rami Dagher
    Mohamad Mansour
    Islamic University of Lebanon


    Optical Profilometer UL
    Machine de Profilage UL
    Bottle-Feeding Machine UL
    Hydrodynamic Performance of Brush Skimmer NDU
    Liquid Filler ETS
    Modelangelo Rapid Prototyping Machine AUB
    Powder Metallurgy Atomizer AUB
    Metallurgical Furnace UL
    Novel System for Automative Air Conditioning UL
    Boxes for Fruits & Vegetables Forming Machine UL
    Paper Rolling Machine UL
    Inline Labeling Machine UL
    Efficient Electric water Heater UL
    CNC Milling Machine UL
    Système de traitement d’air économe en énergie UL
    Dentex UL
    Blowing Machine UL
    Power Wheel Chair UL
    Turbine Eolienne UL
    Electrical & Electronics
    Automatic Sound Level Control UL
    Cartridge Filling Machine ETS
    Navigation Robot AUB
    Universal DC Motor Driver UL
    Staroid Climbing Robot AUB
    20KW Induction Heating Generator Private – Jaber
    Digitizing an Analog CNC Lathe Machine UL
    Software & Communication
    Virtual Reality and Hot Animation on the Web UL
    Cell Station AUB
    Weather Data Logger Software UL
    Carte Microcontroleur UL
    E-Voting UL
    Spread Spectrum Technology UL
    OptiMat UL
    OMR UL
    Electric Car Registration BAU
    Power Line Communication UL
    Advertisement Board Control by SMS UL
    The Personalized Learning Systems ETS
    Blue Tooth Wireless Technology UL
    Metal Hardening by Induction Heating AUB
    Advanced Web System Simulation UL
    RIEP: Inventory of Refrigerant Emissions UL
    Voice XML Editor UL
    Biomedical Technologies
    Brain Waves Stimulator IUL
    Sp-Lyte Flame Photometer IUL
    Audiometer IUL
    ECG Telemetry IUL
    PC – Based ECG IUL
    Feedback in MRI IUL
    Doppler Ultrasound Receiver IUL
    Perimetry IUL
    ECG Stimulator + Electrocautery IUL
    Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Machine IUL
    Advancedtech 2000 UL
    Environmental Technology
    Biodiesel Out of Waste LAU
    Research on a HF Electromagnetic Pollution Meter UL
    Capture of Carbon Dioxide UL
    Flammable Refrigerant Classification UL
    Graphic Design
    Contenant – Contenu USEK
    Maximum – Minimum Box USEK
    Set de table USEK
    Panel for Exhibition USEK
    Strip Lighter USEK
    Porte Revues USEK
    Light Box USEK