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    Industrial-Academic Meeting: Le Royal, Nov 20, 2012

    Place: Le Royal Hotel
    Date: 20th November 2012
    Meeting purpose: In light of the implementation of the conventions signed between LIRA and the universities; LIRA organized an industrial-academic meeting gathering Deans of the Faculties of Engineering from the corresponding universities along with Lebanese Industrialists interested in R&D in order to bridge the gap between both parties.


    AUB Dr Makram Suidan (Dean of Engineering), Dr Fadl Mukalled, Dr Karim Kabalan, Dr Kamel Ghalie
    USJ Dr Fadi Geara (Dean of Engineering), Dr Dany Mezher, Dr Hady Kenaan, Dr Flavia Kartounian
    USEK Dr Naim Ouaini (Vice president), Fr. Joseph Wakim (Dean of Agronomie), Fr. Marwan Azar (Dean of Engineering), Dr Pascal Damian, Dr Nadim Zakhia, Dr Charles Yacoub, Dr Tilda Akiki
    LIU Dr. Hisham El Hajj (Dean of Engineering), Dr Farouk Hachem, Dr. Amin Haj-Ali, Dr. Hassan Bazzi, Dr. Ali AlShaer, Dr. Mohammad Abboud, Dr. Zaher Merhi, Dr. Mohammad Hajj Hassan, Dr. Mahmoud Khaled, Dr. Charbel Habchi
    NDU Dr Michel Hayek (Dean of Engineering), Dr Semaan Georges, Dr. Ghazi Asmar
    BAU Dr. Adel Elkordi (Dean of Engineering), Dr. Ahmad Smayli, Dr. Hadi Abu Chakra, Dr. Mohamad Reslan
    UL Engineering /Sciences: Dr Rafic Younes (Dean of Engineering), Dr Hassan Lakkis, Dr Georges Salloum, Dr Khaled Mechref, Dr Joseph Bechara, Dr Jamal Charara
    UL Doctorat: Dr Zeinab Saad (Dean), Dr Khalil Khoury, Dr Khaled Khalil, Dr Imad Mougharbel
    IUL: Dr Imad Issa, Dr Jamal Haidar
    Balamand Dr Elie Karam
    Government and Official Organizations
    MOI HE Vrej sabounjian (Minister), Mr Dany Gedeon (DG)
    ALI Board Mr Ziad Bekdache (Vice President)
    LIRA Board Eng. Maher Saccal, Eng. Nabil Gemayel, Eng Michel Sayyah & Mr Said Hamadeh (General Coordinator)
    CNRS Dr Hassan Charif
    MES Eng Michel Sayyah
    Phoenix Machinery Eng. Rabih Osta
    Bsat factory Eng Mounir Bsat
    SONACO Eng Fadi Abi Nader
    Malia Group Mrs. Hiba Chehab, Mr Antoine Rizk, Dr Soula Kyriakos
    SANITA Eng Georges Chacra
    SACCAL Eng. Wassim Chehayeb
    Technica Eng Ghassan Karam
    Ghaddar Machinery Eng Ghassan Kawssarani/ Eng Hani Hanna

    Minutes of meeting:
    During the meeting, the industrialists exposed their research & development needs through technical presentations for specific available projects required by their firm. Thereafter, the Deans suggested how to integrate such projects in their curriculum (graduate projects, final year projects, course projects...), for the purpose of setting a preliminary framework for cooperation between industrialists and universities. The advisory board representatives concluded the meeting by fine-tuning the guideline for framework based on the discussion earlier and according to the LIRA convention signed with the universities.

    Main Suggestions:
    1. Lebanese University (Higher Institute for Doctoral school):

    • University programs need to add applied R & D especially for doctoral students with factories that have connections or branches abroad such as Phoenix, Technica, Saccal and put any required project under a clear agreement of the concerned parties.
    •  The university wishes that manufacturers provide long-term R & D projects for two or three years, at the doctoral level. The research projects will be financially supported by the industrialists meanwhile the university undertakes to provide laboratories and research studies so as to ensure the continuity of the relationship between university and industry.

    2. Lebanese university (Faculty of Science):

    • The launching of a Research Program for Innovation is currently taking place. The university is ready to cooperate with LIRA project and industrialists in order to ensure the success of the partnership with the industrial sector.
    • The University is ready to add new programs in Masters studies on Quality Control in case the industrialists have an urgent need.

    3. Lebanese University (Faculty of Engineering): 

    Spotted that the most important obstacle faced by the student is the lack of commitment by the industrialist in implementing the project after undertaking the preliminary study. They requested from LIRA to be the guarantor of the implementation of the agreement that will be signed between the industrialist and the university.

    4. USEK:

    • Highlighted the importance of developing  a mechanism for the distribution of projects at the university (fall or spring). They spotted on accelerating the industrial approval or refusal regarding the preliminary study.
    • See the need for lighting on foreign industrial investment and adopting an approach or contact to fund research projects of interest to Lebanese foreigners.

    5. IUL: 

    Requested to add the health sector and health facilities to the list of projects to be implemented.

    6. BAU:

    • Requested the creation of programs to stimulate the creative students and introduce them to the industrialists (National Competition)
    •  Declared its readiness to launch educational courses in engineering education programs in response to the demand of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists.

    7. Association of Lebanese Industrialists:

    • It is necessary for universities to encourage and motivate students to execute FYP applied projects because there is a lack of seriousness.
    •  Proposed an increase in the educational courses pertaining to the industrial sector in higher education programs of universities.

    8. CNRS:

    • The necessity to intensify visits of professors from universities to industrialists in order to secure a lasting and not temporary relationship.
    •  Proposed to finance a professor at the factory for a certain period during the year, similar to the experience of Jordan.

    9. The Ministry of Industry:

    • The ministry has taken upon itself the development of researches and finding solutions to problems, for the sake of competition through specialization and innovation.
    • Ministry seeks to create a legislation, targeting industrial establishments, that exempts the income tax on capital invested in industrial researches.