LIRA program: A bridge between Academy and Industry.

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    Progress  Recognition of LIRA

    Recognition Of LIRA

    International, regional and local recognition

    LIRA is growing in international recognition. LIRA has been mentionned in reports pertinent to the the United NationsThe European Union, and is also recognized by several international and local humanitarian, academic, profit and non-profit organizations.

    Below is a list of national and international studies and reports discussing LIRA.

    Featured International Documentation Referencing and / or Discussing the LIRA Program

    Title Size (Kb) Description
    International Labor Organisation 320.94 Download ILO Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Youth Employment: p19" last few years, this event has led ... to improved university , particularly Engineering and Science programs and curricula
    Industrial Research Institute 114.22 Download "Under the High Patronage of His Excellency The President of the Republic of Lebanon, General Emile Lahoud, "The 8" Exhibition for Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements" was organized at UNESCO from the 23rd till the 27th of November 2005 by the Mi
    United Nations networking research and developement in arab countries 2005 493.45 Download This study is ultimately intended to encourage research, development and innovation (RDI) networking in Arab countries. To that end, chapter I discusses the theoretical background, including recent institutional theories, which advocate the comparative
    US Agency for International Development FY2003 493.45 Download U.S. Agency for International Development, ASHA:Results Review and Resource Request FY 2003
    United Nations-Economical ... Western Asia 493.45 Download The report discusses the impact of LIRA: "Since 1997, LIRA has led to the upgrading of several production lines in industry, the creation of new start-up firms and the improvement of university programmes and curricula, ...The report discusses the impac
    Europeen Union: MED-BEST REPORT For Lebanon (brussels) 144.01 Download p 25 " So me of the used instruments are annual conference for research achievements, regular contact with industrialists and universities , studiesAs a re su lt, Lebanese factories adopted some 70 , out of the 300 models conceived under this program.
    COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES 87.74 Download on p-14 of the REPORT ON THE MEASURES IMPLEMENTED BY THE MEDITERRANEAN PARTNERS TO STIMULATE ENTERPRENEURSHIP AND COMPETITIVENESS (MED BEST REPORT) "In 2004 LIRA tackled the issue of the role of research centres and national laboratories in the developme
    Anima Report 2005 3,138.01 Download in page 51 of the EU sponsored French-based Report: The lebanese enterprises have adopted some 70 of the 300 products or models conceived under the LIRA programme...
    EU report on Funding Startups, A Guide for MEDA Countries 2,022.45 Download Original link: Page 76
    EU report, Euro-Mediterranean Charter 3,494.12 Download Original link: P111 programmes targeting innovative enterprises, including the Lebanese industrial research achievements programme (LIRA)
    EU report on Funding Startups, A Guide for MEDA Countries 3,138.01 Download Page 76

     Press Coverage

    Title Size (Kb) Description
    Local press: Al-Binaa friday dec 20, 2009 161.75 Download Inaugurated by ministers Dedean and Abboud, the 9th conference ... (text in Arabic) Original link:
    LIRA 9 press coverage: Central Information Agency 244.09 Download AlMarkaziah produced the attached pdf file about the LIRA 9 event Original link:
    LIRA 9 converage, online press 1.23 Download Original Link: